Michael, Koni, and Aidan F.

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“In 2010, we were pregnant with our son and knew we needed a bigger home for our growing family. We had several options for realtors that were friends and/or acquaintances that we could pick from to find our next home. We reached out to Sarah Gallegos to help us. Sarah helped find my brother his beautiful home and was there every step of the way with him so I knew she would be by our side too. Sarah found many homes that were in our price range and had the amenities that we were looking for so we decided to go house hunting. We went through several homes, put offers out on a couple homes only to be outbid, etc. Sarah always kept us informed on the market and where we stood with our offers. She was always very honest regarding the value of the home and what the home had to offer. We have heard of realtors that do not update the buyers, but Sarah was not one of them. I think we talked almost every day. We about gave up for the time being on finding our next home until we ran across a foreclosure home near a friend we were visiting one day. We contacted Sarah immediately with the info and she was on the phone with the seller right away. We viewed the home pretty quickly and instantly knew this was the house we wanted. The price was right, the neighborhood was great, and the amenities were awesome for the price. Sarah ran the specs for us on the home to see if the value of the home was worth the asking price. She also suggested we have the whole sewage line inspected prior to purchasing the home. We are so glad we did because there was a blockage and mold in the line under the house. If Sarah would not have suggested for us to do this, we would have had major problems down the road. The sewage line was fixed by the seller after being discovered.  I believe Sarah was looking out for our best interest and she is not a realtor that is out for the money, she is a realtor that cares about the people she is working with.

I would refer Sarah Gallegos as a realtor to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. If you are looking for a realtor that will back you 100% and cares about your best interest, Sarah is the one you need!

Thank you for everything you have done for us, as well as my other family members!”